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Brännbacka, Bertil
Technical improvements of Windside wind turbine systems
Acta Wasaensia 328, (Dissertation) Elektroteknik 3. (2015) PDF-versio

Kumpulainen, Lauri
Aspects and Directions of Internal Arc Protection
Acta Wasaensia 361, (Dissertation) Elektroteknik 6. (2016) PDF-versio

Laaksonen, Hannu
Technical solutions for low-voltage microgrid concept
Acta Wasaensia 241, (Dissertation) Elektroteknik 1. (2011) PDF-versio

Lågland, Henry
Comparison of different reliability improving investment strategies of Finnish medium-voltage distribution systems
Acta Wasaensia 256, (Dissertation) Elektroteknik 2. (2012) PDF-versio

Marmutova, Svetlana
Performance of a Savonius wind turbine in urban sites using CFD analysis
Acta Wasaensia 349, (Dissertation) Elektroteknik 4. (2016) PDF-versio

Paanu, Tommi, Seppo Niemi & Pekka Rantanen
Waste heat recovery - Bottoming cycle alternatives
Reports 175. (2012) PDF-versio

Palizban, Omid
Distributed Control Strategy for Energy Storage Systems in AC Microgrids: Towards a Standard Solution
Acta Wasaensia 356, (Dissertation) Elektroteknik 5. (2016) PDF-versio

Sidorna: 1