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Arras, Benjamin, Azmoodeh, Ehsan, Poly, Guillaume & Swan, Yvik
Stein's method on the second Wiener chaos : 2-Wasserstein distance
Proceedings of the University of Vaasa. Working Papers 9, Matematik 5. (2016) PDF-versio

Azmoodeh, Ehsan, Tommi Sottinen, Lauri Viitasaari & Adil Yazigi
Necessary and sufficient conditions for Hölder continuity of Gaussian processes
Proceedings of the University of Vaasa. Working Papers 7, Matematik 4. (2014) PDF-versio

Baidiuk, D.
Completion and extension of operators in Krein spaces
Proceedings of the University of Vaasa. Working Papers 10, Matematik 6. (2016) PDF-versio

Baidiuk, Dmytro
Extension theory of operators in Krein and Pontryagin spaces and applications
Acta Wasaensia 354, (Dissertation) Matematik 13. (2016) PDF-versio

Bräysy, Olli
A new algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with time windows based on the hybridization of a genetic algorithm and route construction heuristics
Research Papers 227, Matematik 3. (1999)

Dutta, Anupam
Essays on Testing Long-Run Abnormal Stock Returns
Acta Wasaensia 324, (Dissertation) Matematik 11. (2015) PDF-versio

Knif Johan, Pape Bernd
Contributions to mathematics, statistics, econometrics, and finance - Essays in Honor of Professor Seppo Pynnönen
Acta Wasaensia 296, Statistik 7. (2014) PDF-versio

Laaksonen, Matti
A nice portrait of restless systems - Uniqueness of the limit cycle of some Liénard equations
Acta Wasaensia 57, (Dissertation) Matematik 7. (1997)

Laaksonen, Matti
Limit cycles for some nonlinear dynamical models, with an application to business cycle theory
Research Papers 194, Matematik 2. (1995)

Laaksonen, Matti & Seppo Pynnönen (eds)
Contributions to Management Science, Mathematics and Modelling. Essays in Honour of Professor Ilkka Virtanen
Acta Wasaensia 122, Matematik 9. (2004) PDF-versio

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