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Ndzibah, Emmanuel
Marketing mechamisms for photovoltaic technology in developing countries - Case Ghana
Acta Wasaensia 282, (Dissertation) Produktionsekonomi 30. (2013) PDF-versio

Nugroho Widhi, Yohanes Kristianto
Structuring postponement strategies in the supply chain by analytical modeling
Acta Wasaensia 218, (Dissertation) Produktionsekonomi 17. (2009) PDF-versio

Peura, Pekka
From unlimited growth to sustainable energy - The origin of operational patterns by means of social selection
Acta Wasaensia 279, (Dissertation) Produktionsekonomi 28. (2013) PDF-versio

Peura, Pekka (toim.)
Maaseudun voima. Liiketoiminta hajautetussa energiantuotannossa.
Levón-institutets forskningsrapporter 124. (2007) PDF-versio

Rajaniemi, Katja
Framework, methods and tools for acquiring and sharing strategic knowledge of the competitive environment
Acta Wasaensia 138, (Dissertation) Produktionsekonomi 9. (2005) PDF-versio

Rekola, Katri
Product-centric service development: The development process, tools, and methods
Acta Wasaensia 167, (Dissertation) Produktionsekonomi 13. (2006)

Rinta-Jouppi, Yrjö
Development of offshore wind power price competitiveness using a new logistics construct
Acta Wasaensia 117, (Dissertation) Produktionsekonomi 6. (2003) PDF-versio

Rymaszewska, Anna Dorota
Rethinking the Applicability of Lean Philosophy- A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis
Acta Wasaensia 358, (Dissertation) Produktionsekonomi 42. (2016) PDF-versio

Rymaszewska, Anna, Mikael Ehrs & Janne Pekkala
Becoming lean - A case of Finnish boating industy
Reports 166. (2011) PDF-versio

Shahzad, Khuram
Managing successful buyer-supplier relationships : Aligning the enabling roles of governance structure
Acta Wasaensia 398, (Dissertation) Produktionsekonomi. (2018) PDF-versio

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