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Aklamanu, Alphonse
Retailers’ strategic responses to institutional pressures: The case of Finnish multinational retailers in Russia
Acta Wasaensia 302, (Dissertation) Företagsekonomi 122. (2014) PDF-versio

Ali, Tahir
An integrative perspective of social exchange theory and transaction cost theory on the antecedents of trust and trust-performance relationship in international joint ventures: Evidence from Nordic multinational firms
Acta Wasaensia 288, (Dissertation) Företagsekonomi 116. (2013) PDF-versio

Arslan, Ahmad
Institutional distance - Market conforming values in the host country and foreign direct investment choices of multinational enterprises
Acta Wasaensia 245, (Dissertation) Företagsekonomi 100. (2011) PDF-versio

Arte, Pratik
An investigation into the impact of cross-national distance on foreign divestment
Acta Wasaensia 401, (Dissertation) Företagsekonomi. (2018) PDF-versio

Bard, Ulla
The Role of market orientation and learning orientation in enhancing small firm business performance
Acta Wasaensia 171, (Dissertation) Företagsekonomi 72. (2007)

Barua, Arup
Corporate Brand Architecture in Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions
Acta Wasaensia 387, (Dissertation) Företagsekonomi. (2017) PDF-versio

Bhandari, Krishna Raj
Internationalization and Organizational Ambidexterity for Sustainable Performance : Moderating Effects of Firm-specific Advantages and Competitive Strategies
Acta Wasaensia 379, (Dissertation) Företagsekonomi. (2017) PDF-versio

Borisov, Päivi & Pirjo Laaksonen
Food and me. A qualitative study of consumers' perceptions of food and eating
Research Papers 246, Företagsekonomi 89. (2003)

Borisov, Päivi & Pirjo Laaksonen
Mielikuvia Vaasasta - Kaupungin identiteetti ja persoona kehittämishaasteena
Research Papers 240, Företagsekonomi 86. (2001)

Chwialkowska, Agnieszka
Motivational drivers of engagement with company social media content : Cross-cultural perspective
Acta Wasaensia 373, Företagsekonomi. (2017) PDF-versio

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