Nebojsa Dimic

Assistant Professor

029 449 8516
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Tervahovi D208


Corporate Responsibility and Ethics in Finance

Research in Financial Analysis

Ethics in Finance (at Estonian Business School)


Articles in refereed journals

Lucey, B., Vigne, S., Dimic, N., et al. (2017). Future directions in International Financial Integration Research - A Crowdsourced Perspective. International Review of Financial Analysis. Forthcoming.

Dimic, N., Orlov, V. & Piljak, V. (2015). The Political Risk Factor in Emerging, Frontier, and Developed Stock Markets. Finance Research Letters 15, 239-245.

Dimic, N., Orlov, V. & Piljak, V. (2016). The effect of political risk on currency carry trades. Finance Research Letters 19, 75-78.

Dimic, N., Orlov, V. & Äijö, J. (2019). Bond -Equity Yield Ratio Investing in Emerging Markets. Journal of Emerging Market Finance, , 18, 52-79.

Dimic, N., Neudl, M., Orlov, V. & Äijö, J. (2017). Investor Sentiment, Soccer Games and Stock Returns. Research in International Business and Finance, Forthcoming.

Dimic, N., Kiviaho, J., Piljak, V. & Äijö, J. (2016). Impact of Financial Market Uncertainty and Macroeconomic Factors on Stock-Bond Correlation in Emerging Markets. Research in International Business and Finance 36, 41-51.

Dimic, N. & Orlov, V. (2015). Entrepreneurial Tendencies Among People with ADHD. International Review of Entrepreneurship 13, 187-204.

Working Papers

Dimic, N. & Orlov, V. (2020). Internationalization and firm valuation: New evidence from foreign debt issuances of US firms. Working Paper

Dimic, N., Fatmy, V. & Vähämaa S. (2020). Religiosity and Corporate Social Responsibility. Working paper

Andreou, C., Dimic, N., Piljak, V. & Savvides, S. (2020). Unconventional monetary policy and international capital flows to emerging markets. Working paper

Dimic, N., Piljak, V., Swinkels, L. & Vulanovic, M. (2020). The structure and degree of independence in government bond markets. Working Paper

Blomkvist, M., Dimic, N. & Vulanovic, M. (2020). Product market uncertainty and M&A activity. Working paper

Dimic, N., Lawrence, E. & Vulanovic, M. (2020). The determinents of IPO Withdeawals: Evidence from SPACs. Working paper

Blomkvist, M., Dimic, N. & Vulanovic, M. (2020). Does the IPO market provide an efficient tool fot facilitate industry restructuring? Working paper

Dimic, N., Das, D., Piljak, V. & Vulanovic, M. (2020). Geopolitical risk and the stock-bond correlation. Working paper


Resarch visits

Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK (2019)

School of Finance (SoF-HSG), University of St. Gallen, Switzerland (2018)

Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK (2016)

Publications and expert tasks

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