Programme: Master’s Degree Programme in International Business


I was an exchange student in Finland 3 years ago. I liked the experience so I came back here again. University of Vaasa has Master’s programme in International Business which is a good option for me to continue my Bachelor’s studies in Marketing, so I decided to apply and luckily I got accepted.

So far I like my studies because I think I am studying the subjects I need in my future career. All the teachers and specialists are really kind and helpful. In the first academic year we will complete all the compulsory courses and many of us are taking some optional courses as well. Each semester is divided into two periods so that we get more intensive study for each course and we focus on them better. Students in my class are from all different countries. I love to talk and study with international students because everyone has their own perspective of business with different cultural background, which makes me understand more about the global world. We complete the courses by both independent study and group works. It teaches you how to communicate with others and how to manage tasks as both a group and individually.

I like and enjoy spending time at the university campus area. I was told that UVA campus is the most beautiful campus in Finland and they certainly were not lying. On top of that I like how large variety of suitable and interesting courses there are available at UVA to develop my proficiency in my field of study.

Finland is a good place to live. Finnish nature is amazing, I enjoy it very much. I walk through the forest to school and city center, and my apartment is close to the sea. You can’t find many places as pure as Finland anymore today. Finnish people are friendly and honest. I’m happy to know them and I feel safe to get along with them. Vaasa is known as the sunniest city in Finland. I enjoyed a lot sunshine last month in Vaasa when other Finnish cities were cloudy or rainy almost the whole month. Vaasa is also known as the largest university city per inhabitants in Finland and you can see and feel the internationality in Vaasa every day. There is 23% of the population are Swedish speaking people. Hence there is also a great chance to learn Swedish in Vaasa.

I really enjoy walking around the city, especially close to the sea.  Other than that, I mainly focus on my studies and try to improve my Finnish language skills as I am thinking of staying in Finland post-graduation.