Mohammed Elmusrati, Programme Manager

"Within the Growing Field of the Most Challenging Engineering Branch"


  • Professor
  • Head of the Communication and Systems Engineering Group
  • Doctor of Science / Helsinki University of Technology (Finland)
  • Licentiate of Science in Technology / Helsinki University of Technology (Finland)
  • B.Sc. and M.Sc.: Faculty of Engineering / Garyounis University (Libya)
  • Senior Member of IEEE
  • Docent at Aalto University


Teaching Interests

"No doubts that the previous and the current decades are the golden era of wireless communication.

Telecommunication engineering is one of the fastest-growing, most challenging and interesting engineering branches. It becomes an essential part of our daily life. Some applications include: mobile phones, access social networks, Bluetooth, radio and TV broadcasting, multimedia communication, satellite communication, computer networks, smart cities, E-health systems, smart grids, smart security, smart fields, smart farms, smart homes, sensor networks, military applications and countless automated applications toward the era of the internet of things "loT". Cisco estimates the loT market will grow to be more than 50 billion devices by 2020. Some prefer to change the term from Internet of Things to the "Internet of Everything".”

Students will meet Prof. Mohammed Elmusrati on several courses and seminars throughout their Master's studies, and will also have direct supervision from him when writing their theses.

Research Expertise

  • Radio resource management in 3G, A-LTE, and 5G.
  • Wireless communication
  • Wireless automation
  • Smart antennas
  • Game theory applications in engineering
  • Adaptive signal processing
  • Data fusion
  • Stochastic Systems
  • Wireless networked control systems

Prof. Elmusrati has published more than 100 papers and reports in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. He is also the co-author of a textbook entitled "Systems Engineering in Wireless Communication" published in 2009 by Wiley.

Timo Mantere, Professor


  • Professor, Telecommunications - especially embedded systems, Communication and Systems Engineering, University of Vaasa
  • AKES - Embedded systems in agrotechnology, engineering, local energy production, and energy-efficient construction, University Association of South Ostrobothnia & Research network Epanet
  • Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration / University of Vaasa (Finland)
  • Licentiate of Science Computer science / University of Vaasa (Finland)
  • M.Sc. Information technology / University of Vaasa (Finland)
  • B.Sc. Electical power engineering / Vaasa Institute of Technology (Finland)

Teaching Interests

"Communications and systems engineering includes many interesting, fast-growing, and challenging engineering branches. Today, communications and embedded electronics are needed in almost every company's products, production lines and business. Modern society may no longer even operate without the embedded information technology and telecommunications. Everywhere there are different automation systems, between which are required real-time data traffic; for example, to ensure payment transactions, check balances, and the use of remote-monitoring.”

Students will be meeting Prof. Timo Mantere in some courses and seminars in their Master's studies, and also will have direct supervision from him when writing their theses.

Research Expertise

  • Signal and image processing
  • Machine vision
  • Automation
  • Software testing
  • Optimization
  • Evolutionary algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Soft computing methods
  • Near infrared spectroscopy
  • Data analysis

Prof. Mantere has published about 60 papers and reports in peer-reviewed international journals, books and conferences.

Tobias Glocker, University Teacher


  • University Teacher
  • Master of Science in Telecommunication Eng. / University of Vaasa
  • Certified Data Security Manager / Technische Akademie Ulm eV
  • Diploma Engineer in Computer Science / University of Applied Sciences Ulm
  • Power Electrician / Stadtwerke Ulm

Teaching Interests

Nowadays more and more devices are communicating with each other either via a cable or a wireless connection. In order to let the devices communicate, protocols need to be devloped so that the communication over the network goes smoothly. In every device there is a microprocessor or microcontroller on which the protocol runs. Writing protocols require programming skills that will be taught in the programming courses (C Programming, Embedded C Programming, Computer Architecture and Telecommunication Software).

  • C/C++ Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Android Programming
  • Assembly Language Programming
  • Electronic Design

Students will meet Tobias Glocker on several courses throughout their Master's studies.

Research Expertise

  • Embedded Systems
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Robotics
  • Telecommunication Softwar

Reino Virrankoski, Development Manager


  • Senior Researcher at the Department of Computer Science

Previous experience:

  • Research positions at Yale University (USA) and the University of California in Los Angeles (USA)

Teaching Interests

"Our Programme covers wireless sensor networks, wireless activator networks, and wireless automation besides cellular networks. We have research activities related to tactical networks in the area of defence and security in wireless communication. Managing radio resources and handling the system as an entity are the big challenges we discuss in our courses. Finland is well represented internationally in the quality of research and publications in this area."

Students will meet Reino Virrankoski on the advanced course in signals and systems, and on courses in telecommunication architectures and wireless networks.