Minnie Kontkanen, Programme Manager


• Programme Manager of the Master's Degree Programme in International Business

• Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration


Teaching Interests

Dr Kontkanen has long-term teaching experience and she currently acts as the Programme Manager of the Master’s Degree Programme in International Business.

International Business students will meet Dr Kontkanen when taking courses in Competency Development, Cross-Cultural Marketing Communications, and Research Methodologies courses.

"Our interdisciplinary programme offers an opportunity to develop the toolkit of knowledge and skills required in various international positions.


Research Expertise

• International marketing strategies

• Choice of foreign market entry modes

• Role of environmental and behavioral uncertainty in foreign market entries

Adam Smale, Professor, Vice Programme Manager

"Managing Human and Knowledge Resources on a Global Scale"


  • British by nationality, has lived in Finland for around 10 years
  • Professor in the Department of Management
  • Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration (Human Resource Management in Multinational Corporations) / University of Vaasa (Finland)
  • Master's Degree in Personnel Management / Kingston University (UK)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in International Management & German / University of Bath (UK)

Teaching Interests

The courses taught by Prof. Smale are International Management, International Strategic Management and International Human Resource Management. He also meets IB students in his capacity as personal tutor and thesis supervisor.

"We prepare students for careers in multinational firms, whether this is work in international positions, different kinds of international assignments, or involvement in international projects and teams. In addition, the programme offers a good foundation for working in internationally-oriented governmental organisations or in research- and teaching-related positions."


  • 2012 and 2008 “Best International Teacher” (the Student Union of the University of Vaasa)
  • 2005 “Lecturer of the Year” (the Faculty of Business Studies and Warrantti ry)

Research Expertise

  • How multinational firms manage their human and knowledge resources on a global scale and the types of challenges they face

Prof. Smale has published several award-winning articles in well-known international journals in recent years.

Jennie Sumelius, Associate Professor

"How people management issues are handled in multinational corporations"


  • Associate Professor in the Department of Management
  • Dr.Sc. (Econ.) from Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki
  • Previous experience of working at the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, and as a visiting researcher at the University of Melbourne and Uppsala University

Teaching Interests

I have previously taught courses in Strategic International Human Resource Management, International Business, and Writing up the Bachelor’s thesis. Currently I teach the course International Human Resource Management and also act as a thesis supervisor for IB students.

Research Expertise

My research interests are in the fields of international management and human resource management, with a particular focus on how people management issues are handled in multinational corporations. I am currently involved in two large-scale Academy of Finland funded research projects on the role and influence of the HR function, and the digitalization of people management.

My work has been published in several leading international journals in recent years.

Jorma Larimo, Professor, Dean


  • Professor
  • Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies
  • Director of the Finnish Graduate School in International Business (FIGSIB)
  • Finnish representative in the European International Business Academy

Prof. Larimo has vast experience in academica and has performed as a visiting Lecturer, locally and internationally, at several universities in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, Russia, and the Netherlands.

Teaching Interests

The courses taught by Prof. Larimo are Internationalisation Strategies of the Firm, and courses and seminars related to East-West Business. Students will also meet him on the St. Petersburg excursion, and while working on their Master's theses.

"We integrate the research interest and experience of our home staff members into the programme. It gives students a good basis for any position in companies that export or otherwise co-operate with people abroad."

Research Expertise

  • Internationalisation of SME’s
  • International investments
  • Alliance strategies and performance
  • Entry and marketing strategies in CEE

He is also an Editorial Board Member of the Management International Review, the International Business Review, the Journal of Euromarketing, and the Journal of East-West Business.

Peter Gabrielsson, Professor


  • Professor of International Marketing
  • Doctor of Science in Economics

Previous experience:

  • Purchasing Manager for Displays and Terminals at Fujitsu ICL Computers
  • Product Manager at Nokia Corporation
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager for Europe and Africa at Nokia Corporation
  • Director of Business Development in Europe, Middle-East and Africa at Nokia Corporation
  • Head of Operations Development at Nokia Corporation
  • Teaching position at the Helsinki School of Economics

Teaching Interests

Prof. Peter Gabrielsson has strong academic and practical knowledge in the international business field. He has taught at the University of Vaasa since 2005. International Business students can share their experiences and learn from Prof. Gabrielsson’s experiences on the Global Marketing Management and Export marketing courses (in Finnish), and while working on their Master's and Doctoral theses.

"I particularly like the discussions in class concerning different subjects of global marketing. The different cultural background and experiences of students give them the opportunity to learn from each other".

Research Expertise

  • Global marketing strategies and management during globalisation
  • Internationalisation/globalisation processes of firms, "born globals" and globalising internationals
  • International entrepreneurship and international new ventures

Tamara Galkina, Assistant Professor


  • Russian by nationality, has lived in Finland for more than 12 years
  • Assistant Professor in International Marketing
  • In 2013, received PhD degree (Entrepreneurship, Management and Organization) from Hanken School of Economics, Finland
  • Master’s degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, St-Petersburg State University, Russia
  • Married to the love of her life, Petr; mother of two princesses
  • Believes in runnism (www.runnism.com)

Teaching expertise

Dr. Galkina has teaching experience in the areas of Entrepreneurship and International Business. The courses taught by Tamara Galkina are Export Marketing, Managing International Business Networks, Global Sourcing and Procurement, and Internationalization Strategy. She also meets student in the role of thesis supervisor.

“Learning is not what a teacher does at class rooms, it is what students do during a course. And surely it should be fun! That is why throughout my courses I try different assignments and methods that make students active participants of teaching and learning process”.

Research expertise

  • International Entrepreneurship, Internationalization of small firms
  • Network approach to internationalization
  • Effectuation theory
  • Environmental Entrepreneurship
  • Finnish firms in Russia

Vesa Suutari, Professor


  • Professor of International Management
  • Over 20 years of experience teaching International Management

Teaching Interests

The courses taught by Prof. Suutari are related to International Human Resource Management, Cross-Cultural Management and personal guidance on Master's theses.

His course on International Human Resource Management gained recognition as the best business course in Finland in 2001. Moreover, he has extensive experience in adult education and training.

Research Expertise

  • Cross-cultural and comparative management
  • International human resource management
  • Diversity management
  • Global leadership development

Prof. Suutari has around 80 publications on International Management of which over 40 are in internationally reviewed journals and books.

In addition, he has been recognised internationally for articles in international journals and conferences. He has also acted in many professional roles, including a board member of the European Academy of Management and of the Association for Finnish Human Resource Managers and Professionals (HENRY Ry). He also acts on the editorial boards of several international journals and has acted as a guest editor for several journals.

Through research partnerships, Prof. Vesa Suutari is involved with corporate development projects and maintains an on-going network with companies.