"The University and the city have given me a lot more than I had first anticipated." Tommi Kaunisto came to Vaasa to study and stayed.

My name is Tommi Kaunisto and I graduated from the Master’s program in Finance in 2015. Since 2012, I´ve been working for Elite Alfred Berg as an individual agent entrepreneur. Currently, my titles are Senior Private Banker and Regional Manager. I help institutional and private investors together with my team on wealth management and investments mainly in Ostrobothnia area.

I moved to Vaasa in 2008 when I was accepted to study at University of Vaasa at the faculty of Business Studies. My original plan was to study here for only a year and then move back to my hometown Tampere, where I had the right to study at the Tampere University of Technology as well. However, my plans changed quickly once I found my interest in stock market in the first lecture of finance in the fall of 2008. The global financial crisis broke out the same year meaning that the same subjects dealt with in the lectures were on the news almost daily. It was motivating and intriguing to find out that already the first lectures in Finance gave me tools to dig deeper into the causes and effects of the crisis. For me, it was a literal crash course in finance! I ended up not moving back and still, after 11 years, live in Vaasa as I'm writing this. The University and the city have given me a lot more than I had first anticipated.

My advice for new finance students is to enjoy your student life and enjoy Vaasa! It doesn’t have to be all studying, networking and preparing for career in the future. Vaasa is a wonderful place to live and you have a lot of possibilities for activities outside studying as well. When it comes to studying, the University of Vaasa and the School of Accounting and Finance give you a great platform on which to build your knowledge in practice. The teaching, the community and the city are all great! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Vaasa as much as I have.

Posted on 06/10/19.