"All I have learned at UVA has been applied in my working career." Richard Wang was hired by Wärtsilä Finland after graduation and is nowadays working for Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine for Greater China.

My name is Richard Wang. I graduated from the University of Vaasa in 1996. After graduation, I worked in Wartsila Finland and progressed through numerous junior and senior management positions in Wartsila Corporation and Wartsila China. Between 2001 and 2007, I was President of Wartsila China, leading the company through a period of significant development. I was president of Skaugen (China) Holding Company Ltd. from 2010-2012, with responsibility for nine subsidiary companies including five Joint Ventures, one shipbuilding company, one ship management company as well as one trading house. I joined Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine as Global SVP/ head of Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine for Greater China from 2012-now.

I was teaching at China University of Mining Technology before I went to UVA to pursue my Master Degree on Economics. Unlike most of universities in China, UVA gives students more freedom to exert their own understanding and ideas instead of only memorizing the contents from the books. The encouragement to the innovation can make the graduates be more creative in both their work and life. It is also quite a challenge for international students to adapt your capability to mingle with the local students as quickly as possible. Don’t worry, the foreign student tutor can help!

Vaasa is a city with beautiful environment for both living and studying, which let me focus on my study largely. Among many other things, the capabilities of the internationalized staff have benefited me with both theories and practices. I learned a lot in the department of the business administration. All I have learned at UVA has been applied in my working career and they are very valuable for me to do business between Nordic countries and Asia. If you have clear goals from some subjects at UVA, my advice is to do it with SISU!

Posted on 26/10/18.