”High-quality education, international presence & life-long friends.” Laura Savio graduated from the Master’s Degree Programme in Finance and is currently working as a financial economist at the Bank of Finland. The master's degree programme gave her the necessary tools and the academic knowledge for her professional career.

Laura Savio graduated from University of Vaasa Master’s Degree Programme in Finance in 2018. She is currently working as a financial economist at the Bank of Finland within monetary policy implementation. The work revolves around the preparation and implementation of Eurosystem monetary policy and Bank of Finland’s monetary policy counterparties. She is also a member of a Eurosystem expert group that follows the financial stability of monetary policy counterparties.

“Master’s Degree Programme in Finance is built around diverse and advanced topics around the line of finance. The courses are designed in a way that prepare students for their post-graduate work life. You learn about scientific research, enhance your analytical skills and increase your knowledge and critical thinking on the multifaceted and globalized financial markets. The programme has also a strong international presence with studies in English in a multicultural environment."

“For me, the flexibility of the programme was also important, as I worked at the Bank of Finland throughout my master's program. Thus, not only did the studies naturally support my work, but were also flexible enough so that I was able to advance my professional skills outside my studies. As an added bonus, the programme made it also possible to meet like-minded life-long friends and future colleagues in the field.“

Posted on 21/10/19.