Brothers from a different mother? How businesses and public sector organizations develop leadership competencies and change processes for blockchain implementation (BizPub)

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BizPub determines what leadership competencies and organizational change processes are required to successfully implement blockchain technology in businesses and public sector organizations.

BizPub has a unique approach in that it studies blockchain implementation in sectors that are different in terms of operating models, organizational structure and culture, values and objectives.

The project will help leaders and organizations in both the private and the public sector to reflect on the challenges and barriers that they face in adopting and implementing a disruptive technology that has the potential to improve organizational effectiveness.

BizPub will be carried out jointly by University of Vaasa researchers from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab research platform and the School of Technology and Innovations as well as with the support of relevant project partners.

Project leaders at University of Vaasa: Khuram Shahzad and Sorin Dan

Research group: Khuram Shahzad, Sorin Dan, Faisal Imran and a post-doc to be hired

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