Samuel Piha


Markkinoinnin ja viestinnän yksikkö, Markkinointi
029 449 8367
Wolffintie 34, 65200 Vaasa
Tervahovi B325

I earned my doctoral degree in marketing in 2018 at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku. My master's degree program in economic geography was completed in 2014 at the same university. During my academic career, I have worked as a doctoral candidate (2014-2018), university teacher (2018) and senior researcher (2019-) at Turku School of Economics, as a visiting scholar at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada (2017), and from 2019, my main occupation is the assistant professorship at the University of Vaasa.

My current research interests relate to evolutionary psychological aspects to consumer behaviour, particularly consumer well-being and transformative consumer research. I have recently published research on consumer empowerment, sexuality-related consumption, food consumption, and shopping behaviour. Methodologically, I am experienced in field surveys, cross-cultural surveys, mixed method studies combining qualitative and quantitative elements, and theoretical approaches. I put a high value on popularising scientific thinking, and my research has often been disseminated by popular media and newspapers.

I have been responsible for several bachelor's level courses, including consumer behaviour, the basics of marketing, integrated marketing communications, and bachelor's thesis groups. At the University of Vaasa, I teach consumer behaviour (MARK2009) and supervise bachelor's thesis groups (MARK2011). I am currently studying in the program of university pedagogy myself.

Other positions
I additionally work as a part-time senior researcher for the project called STYLE ("Healthy lifestyles to boost sustainable growth"; Strategic Research Council, Academy of Finland, 2019-2023), at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, where I also teach consumer behaviour and the basics of marketing.

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Selected publications

Piha, S., Hurmerinta, L., Järvinen, E., Räikkönen, J. & Sandberg, B. (2020) Escaping into sexual play: A consumer experience perspective. Leisure Sciences. Direct link

Piha, S. (2019) Kuluttajan psykologinen voimaantuminen. Kulutustutkimus.Nyt. Vol. 13 (2), 48?65. Direct link

Piha, S. (2018) Evolutionary psychology for consumers: Awareness of ultimate explanations as a self-reflective tool for consumer empowerment. Turun yliopiston julkaisuja - Annales Universitatis Turkuensis (E 41, Oeconomica), Turku. Direct link

Piha, S., Hurmerinta, L., Sandberg, B. & Järvinen, E. (2018) From filthy to healthy and beyond: Finding the boundaries of taboo destruction in sex toy buying. Journal of Marketing Management. Vol. 34 (13-14), 1078-1104. Direct link

Piha, S., Pohjanheimo, T., Lähteenmäki-Uutela, A., Kreckova, Z. & Otterbring T. (2018) The effects of consumer knowledge on willingness to buy insect food: An exploratory cross-regional study in Northern and Central Europe. Food Quality and Preference. Vol. 70, 1-10. Direct link

Piha, S. & Räikkönen, J. (2017) When nature calls: The role of customer toilets in retail stores. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. Vol. 36, 33-38. Direct link

Salonen, V. & Piha, S. (2016) Johdatus evoluutiopsykologiaan kuluttajatutkimuksessa. Kulutustutkimus.Nyt. Vol. 10 (2), 50-69.

Piha, S. & Lähteenmäki-Uutela, A. (2014) Evoluutiopsykologian soveltaminen kauppatieteissä. Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja. Vol. 63 (4), 299-319.

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