The Change Calls Energy Policy and Renewable Energy Management

The world’s energy markets are facing inevitable change. Climate change is a cause for alarm. The goals and concerns are triggering energy technology investments all over the world. The energy technology market is growing and will be growing for many years to come. The growing and changing market calls for new or improved products and services.

The change calls for new management competences and skills and continuous improvement of businesses as well as updated strategies.

Energy Policy and Renewable Energy Management is aiming to increase the knowledge of participants in Energy Business Management. The module gives key elements to provide successful and profitable business. This module contains latest knowledge and tools applied to energy business, especially renewables and energy efficiency.

The tuition fee of the module is 3500 € + vat 24%. The module is part of our Executive MBA programme, but it is possible to do the module as separate studies. It is organised next time in the spring 2021.

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Mikael Hallbäck

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