Networking (2012-2014)


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Chapter 11 . Back to School

So after summer it was time to go back to Vaasa, I had some classes to take and had to work on my minor in Franch language. I was once again looking for an apartment and finally I found one and this time I would be living in a student area, it was pretty nice to go back to the dorm-like life after a hectic summer of running around the city (not complaining, just a welcome change of pace).


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Chapter 10. R/H the Label and the internationalization of Finland

So this second summer internship was to be a continuation to my previous summer where I had the chance to work in Ivana Helsinki as an intern. This year I would be part of a young, dynamic and edgy brand that will (their clothes have been featured in Stockmann's Christmas display and they created a collection for the Flow Festival 2013 ) be taking Helsinki and Europe by storm, R/H the Label.


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Chapter 9: Summer

As the semester ended most my foreign friends left as soon as exams concluded the year. What was next well figuring out the last courses for the next semester as well as getting some books for the thesis. I shot the cover of the last paper of the semester, it was a nice experience to work on pictures for the Yliopilaslehti for this semester. Now it was time to figure out what to do for summer, and as I was unsuccessful in finding an internship in Vaasa I did what I had to and moved to Helsinki...


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Chapter 8: Spain

Spring break came and Finland was a little bit cold still so I headed to Madrid for 10 days of photoshoots, tapas and family.


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Chapter 7: Lapland

We live in the country of Santa Claus, Snow and Tarja Halonen. I had to go on the school trip to Lapland and see the Artic Circle myself.


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Chapter 6: Mexico and Spring

Blogging we can take several time bending liberties so in this post I will be talking about my holiday back home in Mexico on the context of the Spring that finally seems to arrive in Finland.


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Chapter 5: The Student Magazine

All universities have their paper, here its the Yliopilaslehti. I got to shoot a couple covers, hopefully more to come.


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Chapter 4: Helsinki

My internship took me to Helsinki and a little bit closer to Vaasa for the Fall semester. New friends, experiences and great new lessons.