Life of a doctoral student

Julkaistu 04.03.2019.

Hello everybody. For some time ago, I have started my doctoral studies and I would like to talk about this landmark event of my life. I assume that the majority of the readers do not fully understand what the doctoral studies are. That is why I have decided to shed light on it.

I got accepted to do a PhD to my university (University of Vaasa). However, instead of the management focus, which I had on the master level, I have decided to switch to the marketing one. Now, I will need to study de-internalization of joint ventures for the next four years. For this purpose, I have to read and write articles, to speak at conferences worldwide and to do and defend my dissertation.

For the first year, I have received the scholarship, which made my life a bit easier. However, life has never been easy and most likely it will never be. The most unusual thing was that the research is 100% your own responsibility. Of course, you fulfil the study plan and write articles but managing your time right is extremely difficult. I have tried to solve this problem by drawing up the plan but following it is rather hard.

The master level was very different. You come to lectures, get assignments, submit them and receive grades. The situation here is totally different. You have one aim – doctoral dissertation – and the rest is your own problem. You have to choose how to succeed in this aim, how much time you need to spend for it and what instruments to use.

I have already visited two doctoral defenses. And that’s very serious and sometimes scary. But at the same time very interesting and expiring. With that optimistic note, I would like to finish my blog. Doctoral studies is a very interesting and challenging stage of my life which I hope that I will manage to overcome.

Roman Filenko
Doctoral student
School of Marketing and Communication, International Business


Thanks for your sharing

Kirjoittanut Ha Nguyen 05.03.2019 09:51:44

Thanks for your sharing. It is always our feeling, as new doctoral student. I just hope you remember to balance your life, because life is not all about the PhD degree or dissertation. Good luck!


Kirjoittanut Saleem ur Rahamn 14.03.2019 13:42:55

Congratulations on starting your PhD in international business research group of the School of Marketing and Communication. I wish you good luck for your research and successful completion of dissertation. I hope you will enjoy this process and journey.


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