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06.05.2018 4 comments.

My own battle: PhD. vs Health

When we think of a person who wants to fulfill a scientific research career, this vocation causes us a certain admiration. Socially they are valued in a very positive way, and of course, we think about the difficulties that this career must entail and we attribute them a high capacity to make efforts and to sacrifice do sacrifices.


30.04.2018 1 comments.

Applying a lean perspective to the operational processes of 3PL

During the last few decades, there have been various definitions regarding the concept of 3PL and the providers of these services.


22.04.2018 2 comments.

Global social media

In recent years, social media (SM) has attracted considerable attention and interest among organizations and academics. The emergence of SM has remarkably changed how people, companies and organizations communicate and interact.


17.04.2018 8 comments.

Manageable change?

Although it seems that Finnish economy is starting to return to growth, it still has major challenges to solve in near future.


13.04.2018 7 comments.

Give more than get?

My interest lays in people. Individuals and groups. Leadership and change in organizations and business.


07.04.2018 2 comments.

Artificial Neural Network - A method for prediction of recurrence and mortality in oral tongue cancer

The death rate as a result of oral cancer is higher than other widely known cancer such as cervical cancer, laryngeal cancer, and endocrine system cancers such as thyroid to mention but a few . This is because it was estimated to roughly kill one person per hour in a day.


25.03.2018 7 comments.

Do private security services meet customer needs?

Security is only considered important when it is not present. There are wide range of security services to solve all our security issues. Do we really need them and are all services essential?


19.11.2017 4 comments.

Tänä yönä tutkitaan ja hengaillaan, ei mennä nukkumaan

Aurinkoisena heinäkuun päivänä postiluukusta tuli kirje. Kirje, jossa oli Vaasan yliopiston tuttu keltainen logo. Siinä se nyt oli. Kirje, jota pelon ja riemun sekaisin tuntein olin odottanut. Kirje, joka muutti minun elämäni taas kerran. Minut hyväksyttiin suorittamaan Vaasan yliopiston hallintotieteiden tohtorin tutkintoa pääaineena julkisoikeus.