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27.11.2019 3 comments.

Doctoral Student and Working Full-Time

I was admitted to the Doctoral Programme in Technical Sciences at the University of Vaasa in January. After finishing my Master’s degree at the University of Vaasa several years ago, I began thinking about the possibility of continuing the studies based on my Master’s thesis. The timing for doctoral studies didn’t feel right until last year when I decided to apply and was very lucky to be accepted.


17.11.2019 2 comments.

Miksi tiedustelu?

Väitöskirjan aiheen valitseminen on erittäin keskeinen osa koko projektia. Hyvässä aiheessa tulee yhdistyä monta tekijää. Tutkijan on kyettävä osoittamaan aiheessa oleva tutkimusaukko ja tutkittavan aiheen tulee olla merkityksellinen omalle tieteenalalle ja mielellään laajemminkin yhteiskunnalle.


17.11.2019 4 comments.

Tarkkanäköistä tarkkanäköisyyttä!

Harmaakaihi on ihmisen näköä heikentävä silmäsairaus. Sen ainoa hoitokeino on leikkaus, ja harmaakaihileikkaus onkin tavallisin yksittäinen leikkaus niin Suomessa kuin maailmanlaajuisesti.


03.11.2019 3 comments.

Contract Simplification - what is the buzz all about?

When I mention to people, lawyers included, that I am doing my doctoral dissertation on the topic of contract simplification I always get a positive first response. People listen and they agree contracts are too complex hard to read or understand. No one likes contracts, unfortunately, after a mere minute of me starting to share about my research the listener has moved to an end state thought “how does anyone willingly choose to research contract documents?”...I have lost my audience.


18.06.2019 0 comments.

Value Creation and Transformation

The world is changing fast. All that we knew yesterday today is no longer relevant. Nothing stands still, everything changes with the speed of thought: technologies, social media, AI, businesses, services, and environment. Everything develops through transformation. Transformation of thoughts, ideas, and concepts, by learning processes. The practical application of theoretical knowledge in real life is the foundation of development


17.06.2019 0 comments.

Protect the environment. Why? How to? Who will? For whom?

Before enrolling in the doctoral degree at the University of Vaasa, many research ideas came into my mind to work on in my doctoral dissertation. However, the one that really pushed and challenged me is to answer the following question. Should we protect the environment? If yes then why? How to? Who will? For whom? Here is my brief blog post to answer this question.


09.05.2019 0 comments.

Community facing energy transition: Unity is strength!

Every day we are immersed in an avalanche of news about the effects of climate change and the dark outlook for the future of our planet if we do not implement decisive actions in time.


29.04.2019 0 comments.

Why I choose Social Entrepreneurship and International Market?

My awakening to the wonder of human cultural diversity began with my secondary education in Bangladesh. Livings in a developing country with technological advantages have opened my eyes and mind to the amazing variety of cultural groups in the world. This invaluable experience will help me to be successful in my chosen field of research and teaching.


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