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From Design to Innovation

When I first came to Denmark, I used to walk around the streets of Aarhus thinking: “Why is Denmark doing so well?”


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Emerging Trends in open and user innovation – lesson learned

Innovation exists everywhere in current era, in our thoughts, talks and daily routines, driving us to keep up with its pace. Certainly, it has emerged as an imperative for every industrial sector as well motivating them to indulge in open innovation context in order to engage the overall society more actively.


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Is technology really changing the public sector?

Technology is everywhere: on our desks, in our pockets, in our hands, you name it. We as human beings make use of technology on a daily basis, whether we realize it or not. Organizations in the private, public or voluntary sectors are using technology in its various forms to provide services and improve their performance.


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Open Data and the Future of Democracy

Democratize is an app which improves democracy. By using the government’s open data, we provide information about real-time votes taking place in the government. We help people to understand, monitor as well as follow political issues affecting their everyday life. With the help of our novel oversight feature, people can easily hold elected representatives accountable and know which representative and party voted most according to user's opinions. Learn more and join our movement at...


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Why should you visualise your data and research?

The first event of InnoLab’s Pitch and Publish Café series this year was themed around how to visualise your research results and data.


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Our agents of change: The potential of students in (regional) development & innovation

A very common question in discussions about innovation is how universities can boost enterprises and enhance global growth. Often, we speak (and think) of research as our main engagement activity with society. However, during my round of interviews throughout Ostrobothnia over the course of the LARS project*, it became evident that this is perhaps not the whole truth.


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Junction hackathon – an event that gets your ideas flying

In a nutshell, Junction is an event that brings together IT developers, designers and other tech-minded people to solve problems faced by international and domestic companies. Junction is the biggest event for hackers in Europe, organized in Helsinki area, Finland. In November 2018, it attracted more than 800 participants from all over the world. As a first-time participant, I want to share my experience of the event in this post.


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How regions matter for innovators?

According to traditional rhetoric, innovations are necessary for economic growth as new products, processes and ways to act are the main sources of productivity in firms and organisations.


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