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How regions matter for innovators?

According to traditional rhetoric, innovations are necessary for economic growth as new products, processes and ways to act are the main sources of productivity in firms and organisations.


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Do we need universities to be innovative and entrepreneurial?

If universities are meant to create a greater public good for society in terms of research and educated individuals, should it be entrepreneurial, and if so, why?


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Making your expertise visible

How do you make your expertise visible? How can you reach wide audiences via journalistic media?


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Academic publishing: How to boost your success!

One of the most common and important challenges every researcher faces during their career is that of publishing. It is not only an issue for early-stage researchers, but can be tricky also for more experienced academics.


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Five steps to effective expert communication

Communication can be a tricky field for academics. Some of us struggle with stage fright, social media issues, dealing with negative feedback and rejection or popularising topics that are difficult to sell to a broad audience.


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The Digitalization Academy - Vaasa's solution to the talent shortage

Lately, we have been happy in Vaasa and we are doing well! Wärtsilä has announced exciting news on their investment in the new Smart Technology Hub in Vaasa.


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Lesson for Innovation Labs from Around the World: 4 Virtues

University of Vaasa’s new InnoLab is an important initiative with great promise. ‘Innovation’ is a theme that cuts across different fields of research, from technical disciplines to social sciences.


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How Innovation and Digitalisation Can Strengthen Democracy

A lot is being said about the current state of democracy. Is democracy really in crisis, and if so, what is causing this?