Communication Hashtagged


05.03.2018 2 comments.

Colons and Curves

What has the Lascaux cave in France got to do with Whatsapp? More than you think. One is among the earliest forms of communication and the other is among the latest? Right. What else? Think again. Let me put it this way: what has the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead got to do with the text message you sent wishing your significant other a happy birthday? In addition to being forms of communications, both share an element that seems deeply seated in human communication: pictures. The engravings...


18.10.2017 0 comments.

Cyber Masks

Have you ever met a boring person in real life and when you connected online, you found the most charismatic person ever? Have you ever fallen in love with the most perfect human being on Tinder and when the time came to meet face to face, your love instantly disappeared as you felt as if you were meeting a totally different person?


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Stay Hashtagged

We talk about a myriad of topics. From the grand larger-than-life news of war and politics to the trivia of celebrities’ wardrobe malfunction, and from the sophisticated highbrow philosophies of life and death to the personal dramas of relationships. Small victories and little frustrations. They affect the individual they happen to most but they also start a ripple touching the lives of others that individual interacts with, however indirect that influence might be.