School of Marketing and Communication

Expertise and insights for responsible business and communication

User and customer orientation, interaction and internationality are perspectives from which we look at business, stakeholder networks, culture and society.

Pirjo Laaksonen
Pirjo Laakosonen

The School of Marketing and Communication is a truly multidisciplinary community in which the challenges of business and society are viewed from the perspective of the individual, culture, and business. Our research and education focuses on three areas: international business, marketing, and communication.

In an operating environment pressured by digitalization, globalization and the lack of sustainability, the success of organizations requires customer-oriented and interactive operating models. In our school, marketing is seen to extend beyond individual customer relationships to building the well-being of people and communities. Ecological, social and economic responsibility are our perspectives on business. We look at the interaction between people and organizations from the perspective of user experience, discourses, and constant change.

We have three research groups in our school:

In our research, we often address the challenges of societal and / or business change in a solution-oriented and interdisciplinary way. Thus, digitalisation, sustainability, innovation, value (co)creation, systemicism and sustainable development are strongly represented perspectives in our research. Our research is internationally networked, productive and valued by the scientific community.



The cornerstones of our education are the latest research knowledge, working practices and advanced pedagogical methods. The special features of our nationally awarded teaching are courses based on experiential learning and multidisciplinary and international cooperation. Our degrees develop work-relevant skills and specialized expertise.

We emphasize creative problem solving, responsible decision making and analytical thinking. These abilities enable you to build successful careers in demanding expert and management roles in numerous specializations in communications, marketing, and international business.