Coronavirus information

This page is updated with current information about the coronavirus situation and guidelines at the University of Vaasa. The page has last been updated on 23 September 8 a.m.

We have also opened a mail address for inquiries and questions concerning the coronavirus: 
Please note, that the mails are read and answered Mon-Fri 8 am to 4 pm.


Operations continue 23 September as before following the corona instructions

The University of Vaasa followed intensified measures in its operations during 9 to 22 September due to a coronavirus infection in one of the tutoring groups. As of Wednesday 23 September, the University’s operations continue following the previously informed coronavirus instructions.

Operations at the University during autumn 2020

  • The campus has opened on 17 August, following regulatory restrictions and safety instructions
  • On-campus restaurant services:
    • Mathilda and Café Oskar have opened 31 August with limited opening hours and selections
    • Alma is closed as of 23 September
  • Information about library services are found from Tritonia's web pages
  • Studies can be done on campus, taking into account the general epidemic situation and safety and space constraints
    • Mass lectures for first-year bachelor's students and groups of more than 50 people are replaced by online lectures and teaching in smaller groups
    • Autumn courses for new master's students and older students are organised mainly as online teaching
    • The EXAM-room has opened on 17 August. Half of the seats will be in use and safety distance will be applied.
    • International students can come to Vaasa if possible within the existing travelling restrictions
    • Exchange studies and international internships continue within the limits set by the authorities
  • The university personnel continues remote work if work tasks allow it
    • if work requires presence on campus, we will work together to provide safe conditions for it
    • avoiding public transportation is recommended and, for example, cycling or walking to work
  • Personnel and students are strongly encouraged to wear masks at low thresholds
    • disposable masks and gloves as well as hand sanitizer are available for students in all classes and work spaces
  • University's own events follow site-specific restrictions on the number of people present
  • We continue following instructions given by the authorities regarding in all travelling (work and leisure)
  • You can only come to the campus only after a 14-day waiting period when you return to Finland from abroad (work or holiday trip) or arrive in Finland to work or study
    • the waiting period applies to arrivals from all countries, and is calculated from the date of arrival in Finland
    • during these 14 days the person works or studies remotely.


More information for students Information is shared whenever the situation changes, so students are advised to actively follow the University's web page, the student mail, Moodle, Lukkarikone and WebOodi.

Personnel: travelling, health care and sick leave

More detailed instructions for employees of the University are available from the intranet (including e.g. practical tips for remote working and teaching).

For all travelling (both work and leisure related), regulatory restrictions and recommendations apply. It is strongly recommended that work-related trips abroad are not made during autumn 2020. Any travelling must be approved by the deans and unit heads. Only necessary domestic work-related travel is possible and requires a separate permit from the supervisor.

Please check the instructions of the Finnish authorities:

You can only come to the campus after a 14-day waiting period when you return to Finland from abroad (work or holiday trip) or arrive in Finland to work or study. The waiting period applies to arrivals from all countries, and is calculated from the date of arrival in Finland. During these 14 days the person works or studies remotely.

If you suspect a Covid-19 infection, contact your occupational health service or local health center by phone. The own sick leave notification period is extended from three to seven calendar days until the end of year 2020.

Basic protective measures against the new virus

  • Always keep your hands clean
  • Wash your hands when you come to work, before eating/smoking and when leaving work.
  • The  best way to wash your hands is to use warm water and liquid soap
  • Don’t touch the areas around your mouth and nose with your hands
  • Please avoid close physical contacts, like shaking hands

Have you already downloaded the Koronavilkku-app? Koronavilkku is a contact tracing app produced by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) to help you find out whether you may have been exposed to coronavirus. Read more about Koronavilkku.

General information about the virus situation

The most updated information related to the coronavirus situation in Finland can be found from Finnish institute for health and welfare (THL). Finnish Government recommendations are also published and available by the the Finnish government. Information about the virus is also available at World Health Organisation (WHO).

Crisis management team

The University of Vaasa crisis management team is led by the rector and consists of rector, vice rector, security manager, finance director, HR director, legal director and marketing & communications director. The team follows the coronavirus situation actively and keeps close contacts with other universities and the authorities, and decides the measures taken utilising the situational assessment of Finnish authorities.

For information or inquiries, please contact:

rector Jari Kuusisto

tel. +358 29 449 8291