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We combine business, management and technologies in an innovative way. We are a community that people want to belong in. Openness is our asset. Together with our partners, we create solutions to crucial global challenges.

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The University of Vaasa has the courage to focus on and invest in its strengths. Internationality and quality are emphasised in our research and education. We build today's knowledge and skill requirements into our education programmes and provide all our students with business skills and the ability to work internationally. We foster an entrepreneurial mindset.

Multidisciplinary research platforms increase the openness and collaboration of our University. We are investing EUR 10 million in research and hiring 20 research faculty that will become qualified professors. We want to produce results that benefit the society at large.

The University of Vaasa is located by the sea in the Palosaari district, just next to the city centre. Palosaari is home to many other higher education institutions as well. The campus has many meeting places and modern working facilities for both staff and students.

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We provide education in the disciplines of business studies, technology, administrative sciences and communication studies. Our focus areas in research include management and change, energy and sustainable development, and finance and economic decision-making. Across these focus areas, we conduct impactful research of a high international standard. Our academic units and research platforms promote cross-disciplinary research.

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A sense of community is a strength of our University. We support our students in their personal development, well-being and employment. It is important to us to improve work, working conditions, and employee well-being. The spirit of collaboration between students and staff is a powerful asset for the future.


the capability to act, or influence something strongly


motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal


a mind receptive to new ideas and seizing opportunities


the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions

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