NeVS - Networked Value Systems

Networked Value Systems - Future of operations today

Networked Value Systems (NeVS) is a multidisciplinary research group that combines aspects from industrial management and industrial systems analytics.

Research program studies strategies, processes and practices within industrial value systems, networks and firms. We are interested in the future of operations, how technology shapes industry, how new services are built, and how competitiveness can be maintained in a changing environment. Our program intends to develop both theory and practice and we work closely with all three university research platforms on themes related to digitalization, innovation and energy.

Our influence reaches the international scientific community through high-quality publications. Yet, we also utilize and develop scientific knowledge in cooperation with our company partners ranging from dynamic startups to large global companies.

We have an international team working on these questions and educating the future leaders. Our programmes are:

  • Doctoral program
  • Master Programme in Industrial Management (M.Sc. Business admin),
  • Master Programme in Industrial System Analytics (M.Sc. Eng.).
  • B.Sc. in business administration Industrial Management / Information Systems

We aim to combine theory and practice in creative ways in all our activities.

NeVS program is led by Professor Petri Helo (Industrial Management).

Current news and events

Research projects

Project Duration Actors
@PACE Decommissioning of Energy Assets - Digital Economy, Networked value systems NeVS, Technology and Innovations
GREENOVET-European VET Excellence Platform for Green Innovation - Networked value systems NeVS, Digital Economy
Future Ready Harbour Concept – Towards Sustainable Maritime Ecosystem - VEBIC, Renewable energy, Smart electric systems, Networked value systems NeVS, Strategic business development, Management, Technology and Innovations
Sustainable Industry Ecosystem (SIE) - Digital Economy, Technology and Innovations, VEBIC, Management, Strategic business development, Networked value systems NeVS
ReWise - Demonstrating resource-wise systems - VEBIC, Strategic business development, Networked value systems NeVS
DigitalTwin - Networked value systems NeVS, Technology and Innovations
AVANGARD – Advanced manufacturing solutions tightly aligned with business needs - Networked value systems NeVS, Technology and Innovations
All4R&D – Promoting academia-industry alliances for R&D through collaboration and open innovation platform - Networked value systems NeVS

Research group members