Next Energy research seminar

The research platform Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre (VEBIC) invites you the sixth VEBIC seminar:


Wednesday November 20th 2019


 Current and potential role of data prediction in multidisciplinary projects  

Are you dealing with large amount of data? Are you stuck in your research due to the lack of proper mathematical methods? Are you facing challenges because you know you might potentially get more information from your data than currently does? Do you need a skilled collaborator being able to use your data in prediction of future trends? Briefly, do you need a mathematician in your team? If yes, please, join us in this exciting workshop.

Let’s discover together how the Mathematicians from University of Vaasa might support you!

 Welcome to the VEBIC seminar (6). In this version, we want to build up the discussion around your mathematical needs. Professor Seppo Pynnönen will introduce their experience in the multidisciplinary research. Tommi Sottinen (Professor), Foad Shokrollahi (Assistant Professor) and Josephine Dufitinema (Doctoral Student) will address the discussion around the topics you bring into.

Date: Wednesday November 20th.

Time: 9.00-12.00.

Place: Tervahovi, D103


Please, register by November 15th, following the link:   


This workshop is open to all Universitiy researchers and staff interested in data prediction and stochastic methods.  

Please, contact Monica Valencia ( if you have further questions or concerns.

Room; Tervahovi, D103

The event is part of the Finnish Academy funded Profi4, EU-funded project: Cornerstones for VEBIC Innovation Platform (VIP) and School of Technology and Innovations. 



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