VEBIC as multi-disciplinary research platform


VEBIC research platform brings together knowledge from all faculties of the University of Vaasa. In this way the university responds to the global needs of efficient energy production, energy business and sustainable societal development. VEBIC research platform provides an open collaborative space for research and innovation. The research to be carried out on the platform combines scientific, applied and experimental research.

There are two laboratories at VEBIC: the fuel and the engine laboratory. For the engine laboratory Wärtsilä delivers two medium-speed engines for research use. The university invests EUR 4 Million in systems and equipment and in creating the research environment. A significant part of it has been funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes’ INKA-program and by energy technology companies.

In the future, the VEBIC research platform will develop the multidisciplinary research of the University of Vaasa, related to energy business and innovations, so that the investments will benefit all of the university’s faculties.  Data analysis and data innovation are more and more driving the economic development. VEBIC laboratories are building up a massive real time data library for the energy related research. This data library will include data from engine and fuels, geothermal energy production, electricity grid data, wind energy production data, gas network data, as well as community level smart grid data. Such data libraries will provide invaluable insights into energy and sustainability and unique research opportunities for rapidly evolving data analytics and data innovations.

The new laboratory environment and the VEBIC research platform provide a show case of joint efforts by businesses, the City of Vaasa and the University of Vaasa. Even on European level there are only few university laboratories that focus on medium-speed engines and flexible energy production. This will open good opportunities for the University of Vaasa to cooperate with international partners.


‘Sustainable Energy Business – From Technology to New Business Concepts and Societal Value’, is the first multi-disciplinary VEBIC research project. It won 560.000 EUR funding from the Academy of Finland in 2016. The project will be mainly carried out over three years 2017-2019. Drafting of the detailed research plan is currently in process.


VEBIC’s first large scale EU funded research is the international project HERCULES-2 that focuses on engine fuels, control systems and exhaust purification. The project is organized in cooperation with the University of Vaasa, Wärtsilä, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Win GD, Dinex Ecocat and many other international universities and research institutes. The funding share of the University of Vaasa of the project amounts to EUR 1.5 Million. HERCULES-2 is the first project that has got significant funding from the EU program “Horizon 2020”. Altogether the European Union has funded the project with EUR 16.8 Million.

The three-year-long project HERCULES-2 is targeting at a fuel flexible large marine engine, optimally adaptive to its operating environment. A larger aim is to secure the competitiveness of the Finnish export industry.


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