The fuel and engine laboratories are an essential part of the University of Vaasa research infrastructure. In the VEBIC laboratories it is possible to carry out a wide range of research on energy technologies and various types of fuels. Such an environment is ideal for industrial needs as well as national and international academic research programs.

The research will focus, for example, on renewable fuels, flexible energy production, the electrical systems of engine-driven power plants, on reducing the waste energy and emissions of the energy production, and on the societal and economic issues of the energy sector. Important actors in these fields are located in the Vaasa region: a globally significant manufacturer of diesel engines and power plants and a broad subcontractor network in the field of combustion engines. Besides, there is an internationally notable automation and electrical engineering sector.

Both of the laboratories are now in use. The laboratories are used for highest level international research conducted by research professors, researchers and doctoral students. The facilities are also serving research related to master’s theses, international exchange students and researchers working in the laboratories. With the close guidance of the university staff the laboratories will also be used for teaching purposes. In addition to the two laboratories, there will be high-speed engine test benches as well as a geoenergy storage.