VEBIC - Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre

VEBIC provides a leading edge international research infrastructure that serves both academic and industrial needs. Internal combustion engine and fuel laboratories are complemented by a multi-disciplinary research platform focused on the wider business and societal impacts of new energy technologies.

Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre or VEBIC is a new research and innovation platform hosted by the University of Vaasa. It brings together know how from the research and business communities responding to the global needs of efficient energy production, energy business and sustainable societal development. Energy and sustainable development is one new core focus areas of the University of Vaasa. As an open research infrastructure VEBIC has a central role in realizing the new strategy.

The VEBIC platform includes laboratories and a program for energy and sustainable development research projects. The two laboratories are an internal combustion engine laboratory and a separate but interconnected laboratory for fuel development. Laboratories are located in the new laboratory building in Palosaari campus. The scope of research carried out in VEBIC will cover new energy technology and the impacts of its adoption on business and the wider society. Projects focus, for instance, on renewable fuels, flexible energy production, the electrical systems of engine-driven power plants, on reducing the waste energy and emissions of the energy production, and on the societal and economic issues of the energy sector.

University of Vaasa has recently renewed its strategy for years 2017-2020. Due to the VEBIC’s strategic role all faculties of University of Vaasa are involved in multi-disciplinary and an open VEBIC research platform. In line with this open approach, we are inviting knowledge partners from all over the world to join us in the highest level research on energy and sustainability issues.

The first stage of the VEBIC research infrastructure will be ready by the end of 2017. We are proud that we can right from the beginning offer a globally competitive research platform. The VEBIC is funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes, inter alia through ERDF) and several industrial partners.

Energy related research that provides solutions for global challenges, national needs and businesses alike

With its VEBIC research infrastructure the University of Vaasa seeks to solidify its position among the international leaders in the field of energy research. The VEBIC serves international and domestic research and education needs of the energy industry and academic institutions. It will also offer a unique open research infrastructure for businesses and other universities.

The Vaasa region is the leading energy technology cluster in the Nordic. In addition to research performers it includes such leading technology firms as ABB, Wärtsilä, Danfoss and some 60 SMEs. One third of Finland’s total energy technology export originates from the Vaasa region. The turnover of the energy industry in the region is 4.4 billion Euros out of which the export share is 70 %. Numerous local companies interact actively with VEBIC and they can reap significant advantage from the highly relevant research, development and innovation activities.