EAFT Workshop 2020: Terminology work and terminology at work

Workshop is organised in co-operation with The European Association for Terminology (EAFT).

The topic of the workshop is terminology work and terminology at work. Terminology is an integral part of all professional communication. There are terminologists and other experts doing terminology work in both public private organizations.  Quite often terminology work is done as a part of many professions even though it is not always recognized as such. What does terminology work consist of in different contexts? What kind of differences are there between the work of various types of terminologists or other terminology experts? What roles do various participants involved in terminology work play, and how is the result received and used within the organizations?

In this workshop, we are interested both in terminologies in special fields, as well as in terminology work, research and methods. Within the topic, the workshop welcomes papers from terminology researchers, terminology experts and terminology users. The papers may deal with current, past and future terminology projects, research projects or challenges and good practices in terminology related tasks.

More specifically, the papers can discuss the following:

  • Terminology in workplace communication
  • Role and function of terminology in workplace communication
  • Experts as terminology creators
  • Terminology and expertise
  • Terminology in teaching specialized communication
  • Terminologies in organizations
  • Terminology resources, tools and networking
  • Corporate terminology work
  • Models and modelling of terminology work
  • Integrating terminology in work processes
  • Role of terminology in information systems
  • Ontologies, terminology and knowledge representation​

The working languages of the workshop are Finnish and English. Presentations will be allocated 20 minutes and followed by 10 minutes of discussion and questions.

The workshop is organised by Professor Anita Nuopponen (anita.nuopponen[at]univaasa.fi),  University Lecturer Niina Nissilä (niina.nissila[at]univaasa.fi) and professor Nina Pilke (nina.pilke[at]univaasa.fi) from the University of Vaasa.