Workshop: The network of texts – Viewpoints on the textuality on Internet

Internet consists of different kinds of texts. According to the broad definition, text on the Internet refers to any digital presentation consisting of different kinds of symbolic representations. In that case, it includes in addition to written and spoken language also images and sound. Besides digitality, textuality in the internet is characterized by combining of different media types such as images, sound, text and video into the same presentation (multimodality), non-linearity (hypertextuality), interactivity, constant changing and the blurring of authorship, when anyone can anonymously produce content to internet.

The aim of the workshop is to scrutinize the different kinds of forms and instances of textuality on internet and discuss how texts on the internet can be used to produce for example intertextuality, identity, sense of community, and participation.

The participants of the workshop can approach the topic for example through the concepts related to theme of the symposium.

The working languages of the workshop are Finnish and English.

The workshop organizers are Liisa Kääntä (liisa.kaanta [at] and Eveliina Salmela (eveliina.salmela [at] from the University of Vaasa.