International terminology organisations, associations, fora

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International terminology centres, information centres, research institutes, associations, cooperation bodies, language planning, and standardisation organisations


Networks for a region or a language or a language group

This list contains organisations and associations whose activities are restricted to a certain geographical or a linguistic area. There are established cooperational activities in several levels and areas and thus the classification categories used here do not exclude each others.



  • Termcoord. Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament. [ok 25.9.2013 an]
  • EAFT - European Association for Terminology
    [ok 23.11.2012 ajmn]

German Speaking Countries

  • RaDT - Rat für Deutschsprachige Terminologie - Council for German Language Terminology
    [ok 23.11.2012 ajmn]

Nordic Countries

(Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden)

Romance Languages

  • AUF - Agence universitaire de la francophonie
    [ok 22.11.2018 an]
  • Cilf - Conseil international de la langue française
    [ok 22.11.2018 an]
  • Le Rifal (French speaking world)
    [ok 22.11.2018 an]
  • Le Rint Organisation internationale de la Francophonie
    [ok 22.11.2018 an]
  • Realiter - Réseau panlatin de terminologie, a widespread network of lexicons with a special focus on Romance languages, dealing with the role of terminology in communication on a European and intercontinental level – Canadian French and South American Spanish and Portuguese
    [ok 22.11.2018 an]
  • RITerm - Réseau ibéro-américain de terminologie
    [ok 22.11.2018 an]
  • Union Latine - Terminologie et industries de la langue, une organisation internationale regroupant 36 États membres qui œuvre pour la diversité culturelle et le multilinguisme [ok 22.11.2018 an]


Internet Information Centres



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