TERM-ONLINE: Term banks and Thesauri

Term banks, terminological data banks


  • EcoLexicon - terminological resource developed by the LexiCon Research Group at the University of Granada [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • ETB - EuroTermBank. EuroTermBank Consortium [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • FranceTerme. La délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France (ministère de la culture et de la communication).
    [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • FAOTERM - Terminologie de la FAO. [ok 5.2.2015 an]
  • IATE - terminology database for all EU institutions. [ok 22.11.2018 an]
  • ISO online browsing platform. ISO standards terminology. [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • Rikstermbanken. Sveriges nationella termbank.
    [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • SAPterm. SAP terminology database, software corporation SAP. [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • Socialstyrelsens termbank. Sverige.
    [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • TEPA termipankki - Term bank of the Finnish Centre for Terminology - TSK.
    [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • TERMISTI - Ressources terminologiques sur Internet, l'infoport de la terminologie.
    [ok 14.2.2019 nn]
  • Termium - Banque de données linguistiques du Gouvernement du Canada. The Government of Canada's terminology and linguistic data bank.
    [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • Tieteen kansallinen termipankki. Bank of Finnish Terminology of Arts and Sciences. Finland. [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • Tilde. A cloud-based platform that provides various terminology services [ok 15.4.2015 an]
  • TourisTerm. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • UNOG Terminology database. Languages Service of the United Nations Office at Geneva. [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • UNTERM - United Nations Multilingual Terminology Database & UNESCOTERM [ok 14.2.2019 nn]
  • Valter Valtioneuvoston termipankki. Finland.
    [ok 5.2.2016 an]
  • WIPO Pearl. Multilingual patent terminology portal. [ok 5.2.2016 an]



Note markings like [ok 5.2.2016 an] or [?? 9.7.2015 an] include following information

  • ok = service available
  • ?? = not accessed when visited - may be functioning and will be checked later on
  • date = the date of last visit by the Terminology Collection maintainers

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