About the Registrar

The field of activities of the Registrar is the University administration and especially documents and other documented information prepared in the administration.

Registrar maintains the University’s records management schedule worded in the Archives Law (1994/831).

Registrar’s Office is also responsible for terminal archives.

Registrar also maintains a managing system on which all incoming and outgoing documents that go through University Services are recorded and from which information about such documents is easy to retrieve. Also, the Registrar further devises this system.

Also the perquisite position register is kept in the Registrar.

The unit receives and processes those application documents for offices and scholarships that are delivered to the Registrar on the basis of an announcement.

On request, the Registrar gives the resolutions on filling professor’s posts or plans to fill such. The documents will be sent to a notified address either by e-mail or by mail.