Instructions for chairpersons and presenters in parallel sessions

The sessions are an important factor in making the Peda-forum a successful event. This is why we kindly ask all presenters in the sessions to keep in mind the following instructions.

Parallel sessions
Peda-forum days have 4 parallel sessions. The presentations are grouped into theme sessions based on the topic and they will be presented in parallel sessions. There is a chairperson assigned to each theme session.

Simultaneously, workshops about the conference themes will be organized.

Information about the schedules and the rooms booked for the sessions will be published on the web page.

Presentations materials
The presenters for the theme sessions (approx. 20 min / presentation) will hand in their presentation materials by email to by 11.8.2017.

In the workshops, presenters may choose to send the presentations in advance or open the presentation during the workshop itself. If the presentation is opened during the workshop, it is also good to have a backup of the presentation, from where it can be opened if necessary.

You can name the presentation materials according to the session code and presenter, e.g. 1A Maija Meikäläinen. As a message subject you can give Vaasa 2017 esitysmateriaalit 1A.
The presenters are responsible for copying their presentation materials themselves in case they want to hand the material out to the participants. Please, bring your presentation also on a USB stick.

General instructions
Each theme session is made up of 3 to 4 presentations. In a session with three presentations, there are 20 minutes for each presentation and 10 minutes discussion. In a session with four presentations the corresponding time slots are 15+5 minutes per presentation. The duration for a theme session is 1,5 h.

The head of the workshop is responsible for the implementation. The duration for a workshop is 1,5 h.

It is up to the presenters and chairpersons to make sure that the sessions run on schedule. Do check the programme for the duration of your own session.

Tasks of the session presenters and chairpersons
The presenters are themselves responsible for the arrangements that their presentations need. They should also make sure that they will finish their presentations on time.

The chairpersons will get a summary of the presentations before the session. The chairperson should introduce the session topic and presenters shortly in the beginning of the session. After every presentation there is a short discussion led by the chairperson. At the end of the session, it would be good to close the session with a short summary and thank both the presenters and the audience.

Equipment in the session rooms
Each session room is equipped with a computer (Windows operating system), a data projector and a wireless internet connection. The auditoriums also have a sound system. The usernames and passwords will be delivered to the rooms and the presentation materials that have been handed in to the organizers will be waiting on the computers.

In theme session presentations (approx. 20 min / presentation) the use of private laptops is not allowed. In workshops, presenters can use their own laptops. Workshop presenters are asked to bring their own cables and adapters.

In case you wish to refurnish the session room, please come on time so you have enough time to do so. The person responsible for the session room can help with practical matters.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us – we'd be happy to answer your questions!

Kind regards,
Peda-forum 2017 organizers

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