Open University Studies

Open University is an organisation that provides chargeable university level education for anyone interested regardless of educational background or age. Teaching is arranged during evenings and weekends, so that as many students as possible are able to participate. Open university education has equivalent aims, contents and requirements as the teaching of the university students.

University of Vaasa Open University provides versatile study forms that to some degree enable studying regardless of time and place. Teaching is arranged in Vaasa and online as well as in partner organisations in different parts of Ostrobothnia province and in other parts of Finland.

Almost all of our teaching is held in Finnish. However, there may be few courses arranged in English each year. Please see the link Courses taught in English. You may ask more about the opportunities to study in English from our Student Office tel. +358 29 449 8004 or avoinyo(at)

If you are interested in studying for a degree, you can find more information about Master’s or Doctoral Programmes here: /en/education/. University of Vaasa does not offer Bachelor's degrees in English. You can ask for more information about the degree programmes from the International Office of the university.

All the open university education in Finland is compiled in the website The Studyinfo portal is maintained by the Finnish National Board of Education. Finnish educational institutions and higher education institutions maintain their own study programme information on Studyinfo.