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Professor Shani Orgad (Department of Media and Communications, the London School of Economics and Political Science)

SHANI ORGAD is Associate Professor at the Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science. She writes and teaches on representation and globalization, suffering, war and conflict in the media, and gender and the media. She is particularly interested in the public narratives of these issues in today’s media and how they interact with people's personal narratives. Dr Orgad explores these issues in her recent book on Media Representation and the Global Imagination (Polity, 2012), in various journal articles, and a research project on humanitarian communication, which she co-directs. Dr Orgad’s other areas of interest include online communication, narrative and media, and health and new media. She wrote about these in her previous book Storytelling Online: Talking Breast Cancer on the Internet (2005).





Professor John Durham Peters (Communication Studies, University of Iowa)

JOHN DURHAM PETERS is Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Iowa and he has written especially about the history and philosophy of mass communication. He is, for example, the author of the books Speaking into the Air: A History of the Idea of Communication (1999) and Courting the Abyss: Free Speech and the Liberal Tradition (2005). John D. Peters received a Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1986. At present he continues to work on media philosophy and history, with particular questions concerning technology. He is a Helsingin Sanomat Foundation Fellow for the academic year 2013–2014 in the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies.
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