The multilingual study entity 25/60 credits

A student at the University of Vaasa can study multilingualism as a brief subsidiary subject (25credits) or as a long subsidiary subject (60 credits). The studies are mostly in Swedish and the instruction is provided by the researchers at the Immersion Centre.

Master program in Swedish and immersion (MAISS) 120 credits

A unique master program inlcuding studies in Swedish, immersion and multilingualism.

Pre-service programme in immersion education (KIKY) 300 credits

In the autumn 2014 a new pre-service programme in immersion education started at the University of Vaasa. The program is arranged in cooperation with Åbo Akademi University and includes studies in Swedish and multilingualism, multidisclipinary studies in the subjects and cross-curricular themes taught in basic education and pedagogical studies for teachers.

In-service training

The Centre for Immersion and Multilingualism regularly provides in-service traning for immersion teachers.