Conference call for papers

The 15th Vaasa Conference on International Business will be arranged on August 19-21, 2019 by the University of Vaasa, Finland. The conference begins with a reception on August 19, 2019 at 18.30 and ends on August 21, 2019 at 16.00.

The main theme of the conference is "Innovative international business strategies in a digitalized world". Both qualitative and quantitative papers based on single or multi-country samples, especially mixed and longitudinal methods are welcome.

Conference organizers invite especially papers, that fit to the below stated sessions. However, also papers focusing on other topics are welcome.

Questions and further information, please contact email:

Paper instructions and deadlines. Click here.

Planned sessions and chairs

1. Export and import management
Leonidas Leonidou, University of Cyprus &
University of Leeds

2. Born globals and INVs – traditional and new strategies in internationalization
Antonella Zucchella, University of Pavia
Tiia Vissak, University of Tartu

3. International business models:
Seeking and delivering greater value
Svetla T. Marinova and Marin Marinov
Aalborg University

4. Internationalization of family firms
Tanja Leppäaho, LUT

5. Networks and relationships in
international business
Tuija Mainela, University of Oulu

6. IB strategies in clean tech and energy industries
Tamara Galkina, University of Vaasa
Olli Kuivalainen, LUT

7. International purchasing and supply chain management
Asta Salmi, LUT

8. International advertising and social media research and strategies
Minnie Kontkanen, University of Vaasa

9. Digitalization and industrial internet applications
Tiina Leposky, University of Vaasa

10. Development in quantitative research methods in international business
Jean-François Hennart, Tilburg University

11. Insights in qualitative methods in IB research
Rebecca Piekkari, Aalto University
Niina Nummela and Eriikka Paavilainen-Mäntymäki, University of Turku

12. Current issues in IB pedagogy
Per Servais, Linnaeus University
Minna-Maarit Jaskari and Minnie Kontkanen, University of Vaasa

13. Entry and marketing strategies to and from Emerging markets
Arnold Schuh, Vienna University of Economics
and Business

14. Emerging trends in international business in Africa
Nnamdi Oguji, Kone Corporation/UVA
Richard Owusu, Linnaeus University Sweden

15. The panel session on International Business and Emerging Economy Firms
Marin Marinov and Svetla T. Marinova,
Aalborg University

16. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility in international business
Leonidas Leonidou, University of Cyprus & University of Leeds

17. Emerging economy multinationals
Ilan Alon, University of Adger

18. International human resource management
Vesa Suutari, University of Vaasa

19. HQ-subsidiary relationships and subsidiary development
Stefan Schmid, ESCP Europe, Berlin

20. Planning, management and performance in foreign acquisitions
Pervez Ghauri, University of Birmingham

21. International joint venture and strategic alliance strategies and performance
Jorma Larimo, University of Vaasa

22. Survival, divestment and relocation in international business
Jean-François Hennart, Tilburg University

23. Other topics
Tahir Ali, University of Vaasa


Meet the editors: preliminary: IBR, MIR, EJIM, BMJ, MD and IMR. Jorma Larimo, University of Vaasa