Vaasan yliopistosäätiö

Vaasa University Foundation supports the development of the University of Vaasa as well as University’s scientific research and teaching. Those who do research at the University of Vaasa may apply for travel grant from Vaasa University Foundation to cover the costs of participating in a conference or seminar related to applicant’s research. A prerequisite for a grant is that the applicant will have an active role at the conference/seminar.

Travel grant can be provided for travel costs, accommodation, enrollment fees etc. Foundation cannot provide travel grant for per diem allowances. Application must be submitted well in advance (about 2-3 months before the journey). Travel grant cannot be applied after the journey. Grant can be appropriated after applicant has participated in the conference/seminar regarding that the application has been submitted well in advance before the seminar.

Applicant must submit an application, including the following information:

  • Applicant’s contact information
  • Intended purpose of travel grant
  • Faculty, department
  • Topic of applicant’s presentation

Doctoral students must also provide:

  • Supervisor
  • Research subject
  • Purpose of the journey for applicant´s research

The following annexes must be provided:

  • Information about the conference
  • Letter of approval for applicant’s presentation at the conference
  • Detailed total budget (incl. all costs)

Doctoral students must also attach:

  • Supervisor’s statement regarding journey

Applicant must also inform if applicant has applied or been granted other grants for the journey. Applicant must also inform foundation about grants appropriated after applicant has submitted this application to the foundation.


Contact: Vaasa University Foundation/

Elina Blomqvist
tel. 029 449 8508