University of Vaasa celebrates in 2018

The University of Vaasa will turn 50 next year. The wide range of events and activities that will take place in 2018 will strengthen our University's community spirit and promote visibility among our stakeholders and the general public.

The jubilee year will begin with Anniversary festives on 26 January. A historical review of the University will be published in conjunction with this, and it will also contain a suitable focus on the future from our stakeholders' perspectives. A thank-you dinner for donors will also be arranged on the same evening.

A busy week of celebrations will be arranged at the beginning of September, beginning with a music-packed campus festival on 5 September – the personnel, students and friends of the University are invited to attend. The week will continue with celebratory doctor's promotions from 6 to 8 September.

In our jubilee year, we are also opening our doors to the public of Vaasa. An open lecture series will be arranged in collaboration with the Vaasa-opisto institute, highlighting the University's expertise with relevant topics from our experts. In March, we will invite citizens to the University’s birthday coffee party. In September, we will open an exhibition of photographs detailing our history at the City Library.

The visual emblem of the jubilee year will be published at the end of the year for the entire University community to use.

The student union will hold an anniversary ball and produce its own historical review and song book.


-Common events to celebrate the University's 50th birthday: Specialist Nina Jokiaho, Marketing and Communication Manager Tarja Gromov
-Doctor's promotion: Assistant Linda Westerlund
-Student union jubilee year: VYY Jubilee Year Coordinators Johanna Ranta and Isa Lammi,