Researcher Recruitment


The University of Vaasa is a multidisciplinary university with strong fields of specialization. In our relatively small university the personnel know each other. For several years one of our university’s strengths has been the sense of community and a good spirit.

All of our researchers belong to one of the university’s research groups. Our research groups are part of both national and international networks and the groups realize research projects and give doctoral students individual guidance.

Our university community is international and it consists of students and employees from different parts of the world. Researchers and doctoral students have excellent possibilities of participating in international researcher mobility.

The university’s Research and Innovation Services help researchers and those who plan pursuing a career in research by examining the possibilities for funding their research and applying for funding. The Academy of Finland, the EU and numerous foundations are examples of institutions which fund research work in our university.

We support our researchers with the service the Researcher’s Tools which is available in the university portal (university’s intranet). The Researcher’s Tools provide information on research funding, scientific information search, academic writing as well as support services for researchers.

A Career in Research

The University of Vaasa uses a four-stage career model for researchers enabling the career development of talented researchers. The aim is a transparent, predictable and equal research career as well as the international mobility of researchers.

The first stage is being a Doctoral Student. Doctoral students’ tasks mainly consist of dissertation related research work. The stage succeeding the dissertation is that of the Post Doctoral Researcher whose main task is conducting independent scientific research work. Senior Researchers are at the third stage and their tasks include conducting and supervising scientific research work as well as research-based teaching. The fourth stage includes the most demanding research tasks. A professor has a large responsibility for degree programs, conducting research as well as postgraduate education whereas a Research Manager’s task is to direct the operations of a research unit.

Open Vacancies and the University as an Employer

Information on our university as an employer as well as open researcher positions and other vacancies can be found on the web pages The University of Vaasa as an Employer. The University of Vaasa’s Personnel Affairs assists researchers in matters related to salary and grant payments.