Doctoral Programme in Technical Sciences


Energy, management and finance are the central focus areas of research in the doctoral programme In Technical Sciences. The Doctoral Programme covers all fields of research under the Faculty of Technology at the University of Vaasa. The doctoral programme produces Doctors of Science in Technology (D.Sc. (Tech), Doctors of Science in Business Administration (D.Sc. (Econ) and Doctors of Science Philosophy (PhD). The goal of the doctoral programme is to train high calibre experts capable of independent research work to serve industries, the economic life, the world of academia and other organisations.

The doctoral programme conducts basic research and work-oriented applied research. Applying known methods and tools while developing new solutions for problems related to the field of technology and the economy are key elements of the programmes. The programme is multidisciplinary, covering every part of technology development from new technical innovations and solutions to product development. The programme also offers technological scientific knowledge, methodical and computational foundations for solving problems in the field of technological science and the mathematical and statistical models of economic phenomena.

Studies in the doctoral programme consist of general studies, research area studies and studies supporting the research area. The most important part of the programme is the doctoral thesis, which is supported by further scientific studies, graduate school courses and seminars. The Doctoral Programme in Technical Sciences offers doctoral studies in the research fields of automation, energy, electricity, data and telecommunications engineering as well as industrial engineering, business mathematics, statistics and mathematics.

Research is conducted in research groups. Projects are run by research groups in collaboration with industrial companies and various national and international universities and research institutes.

The faculty is part of the national Doctoral Programme of Electrical Energy Engineering (DPEEE), Energy Efficiency and Systems (EES) and Information Technology (INFORTE.FI) as well as the Finnish Doctoral Programme in Stochastics and Statistics (FGSS) and the doctoral programme of the Graduate School of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (L&SCM).

The Department of Industrial Management the Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are responsible for the content of the doctoral programme.

The doctoral programme is headed by Professor Seppo Hassi.