Doctoral Programme in Business Studies

The Doctoral Programme in Business Studies produces Doctors of Science in Business Administration or Economics for demanding expert and management roles. The University of Vaasa is one of Finland's oldest business studies institutions and the university's Faculty of Business Studies has a long tradition of high-calibre international graduate education.

The Doctoral Programme in Business Studies examines in-depth the discipline's key research question, development and societal significance. The doctoral programme prepares students for high-level independent research work. Studies in the doctoral programme consist of general studies and methods, primary subject studies, optional studies and the doctoral thesis. Students are expected to graduate from the programme as Doctors of Science in Business Studies in four years.

There are nine research groups operating in the Faculty of Business Studies. Students undertaking the Doctoral Programme in Business Studies are connected with the work of the research groups to enable more interesting research topics, group work training and a more intensive and diverse supervision programme. The doctoral programme collaborates closely with national graduate schools (KATAJA, KAVA and OMY). The collaboration enables doctoral students to participate in events arranged by graduate schools and to organise national and international courses and seminars. Doctoral students can also benefit from the contact networks of other research groups in the form of corporate collaboration. Doctoral studies in the field of business usually also include an exchange period with a partner university abroad.

The members of the board of the doctoral programme are professor Jorma Larimo, professor Sami Vähämaa and Associate Professor Niina Koivunen. The doctoral programme is headed by Professor Jorma Larimo.


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