Instructions for doctoral students

The doctoral students of the University of Vaasa belong to the Graduate School of the University of Vaasa. The aim of the Graduate School is to guarantee all doctoral students a possibility for high quality graduate studies. The Graduate School is responsible for developing doctoral studies and for the quality of the operations and processes of the doctoral studies all the way from the application process to granting the doctorate degree.

The Graduate School organizes general and introductory courses common to all post-graduates. Course descriptions and registration can be found in WebOodi. The Graduate School annually grants scholarships for dissertation work.

The doctoral programmes are responsible for the field-specific development and implementation of doctoral studies.

The doctoral programmes of the University of Vaasa are networked with both domestic and international doctoral programmes. Through doctoral programmes the students are connected to the university’s research groups. Doctoral studies are carried out in cooperation with research groups.

Statues on postgraduate degrees are found in the Universities Act 558/2009, Government decree on University Degrees 794/2004 and the Degree Ordinance of the University of Vaasa (accepted 9 March 2012). Adacemic units / schools can also give their own regulations on postgraduate degrees. These can be found on the web page of the doctoral programme in question. In matters regarding postgraduate studies, study counseling is given by the supervisor / supervisors appointed for the graduate student and persons responsible for academic affairs in the field in question.

Study counselling is given by supervisors and by the representatives of the student services.

You can contact the following persons about the Graduate School:

Coordinator of the Graduate School Ms. Ulla Laakkonen, firstname.lastname(at), tel. + 358 29 449 8160.

Course arrangements:

Assistant Anne Yli-Hallila, firstname.lastname(at), tel. + 358 29 449 8082
Mail address: P.O. Box 700, 65101 VAASA