Hire a Doctoral Researcher


New knowledge, research resources and cooperation

This is a new collaboration model between organizations and doctoral researchers!

This model promotes long-term development in organizations, which will enhance their competitiveness.

The know-how and established networks of doctoral researchers will serve to renew and develop the innovativeness of the organizations. This model is also one way to hire future doctorates for highly demanding expert tasks.

New Knowledge and Competitiveness

  • Research projects based on the specific needs of organizations, which will increase competitiveness and discover solutions for the future.
  • Relevant research themes and questions
  • Collaboration and funding models that engage and connect organizations and doctoral researchers.
  • The newest research knowledge

Research Knowledge for Your Organization

  • Unique laboratories and research environments
  • High-quality academic supervision
  • Close ties with the university and opportunities for future collaboration

Do You Want to Know More?

We would be happy to discuss this collaboration model with you, to determine how it could benefit your organization.

The Graduate School of The University of Vaasa