Courses offered at the Graduate School

The graduate school organizes general and introductory courses common to all doctoral students. Students can choose the courses best fitting for them together with their supervisors. The language of the courses is either Finnish or English.

Graduate School's Study Guide is now published in new Peppi-system. You will find all the course infomation and timetables for courses in the study guide.

Registration to Graduate School courses is done in WebOodi. For WebOodi you need university's user account and password.All doctoral students registered as attending for the current academic year can activate user accout as instructed by IT-Service. If any problems contact  HelpDesk  helpdesk(at) or 029 449 8051.

University of Vaasa is a member in many national and also international Graduate School's and networks. These national graduate schools and network also provides courses for doctoral students. Ask more from your supervisor.

Registration for the courses in the autumn opens up in 24.8.2020 and courses in spring in 4.2.2021.

Notice.There might be some changes in autumn's curriculmn due to conronavirus situation. Information will be sent directrely to students registerd for courses in WebOodi.

Curriculumn for academic year 2020–2021

See detailed information about the courses and timetables in the Study Guide.

General Scientific Studies

TOFO4056 Introduction to Doctoral Studies and Personal Study Plan (PSP)

TOFO4011   Tutkimusetiikka / Research Ethics 3 ECTS

TOFO4057   Philosophy of Science and Critical Thinking 3 ECTS

TOFO4049   Open science (online course) 1 ECTS

TOFO4026   Managing doctoral research 3 ECTS

TOFO4040   Researcher’s skills /Tutkijan taidot  1 ECTS

TOFO4050   Writing Scientific Articles 2 ECTS

TOFO4020   Writing Better Academic English 3 ECTS

TOFO4054   Academic writing in social sciences 5 ECTS

TITE4030    Information systems theories 5 ECTS (teaching in Zoom, register in weboodi)

Method Studies

TOFO4059    How to conduct and write a systematic literature review 3 ECTS

TOFO4035    Mixed methods and longitudinal research 3 ECTS

TOFO4061    Basics of structural equation modeling from practical perspective 3 ECTS

TOFO4058    Data analytics in applied sciences 5 ECTS

TOFO4032   Qualitative research methods 5 ECTS

STAT3140    Applied multivariate statistics 5 ECTS

TOFO4031   Tutkijakoulun metodiseminaari / Graduate School Method seminar 1 ECTS

Studies supporting research work and career

TOFO4055   Project Management for Doctoral Reserch 2 ECTS

TOFO4041   Tutkijan sosiaalinen media / Social media for researchers 1 ECTS

TOFO4048   Business skills for doctoral students 5 ECTS

TOFO4053   Writing research grant proposal (online course) 1 ECTS

TOFO4060   Interactive leadership skills 1 ECTS

TOFO4038  Tutkijakoulun seminaari/Seminar of the Graduate School 1 ECTS

Curriculumn for academic year 2019–2020

Kevät/Spring 2020

TOFO4002   Philosophy of Science and Critical Thinking 5 ECTS 

TOFO4011   Research Ethics 3 ECTS

TOFO4020   Writing Better Academic English 3 ECTS

TOFO4026   Managing Doctoral Research 3 ECTS

TOFO4040   Researcher’s skills /Tutkijan taidot 1 ECTS

TOFO4041   Social media for researchers 1 ECTS

TOFO4049   Open Science (online course) 1 ECTS

TOFO4032   Qualitative Research Methods 3 ECTS (continues from autumn)

TOFO4052   Big Data and Social Media Research 3 ECTS

TOFO4053   Writing Research Grant Proposal (online course) 1 ECTS

TITE4030 Information Systems Theories 5 ECTS


(TOFO4031   Graduate School Method Seminar (to be announced) 1 ECTS

TOFO4038   Seminar of the Graduate School: (to be announced) 1 ECTS)


Download PDF:  Course descripiton and timetables 2019-2020 (4.3.2020)


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