Graduate School

The University of Vaasa is a business-oriented, multidisciplinary, international university. The university’s fields are business studies, administrative sciences, communication as well as technology. In our research, we focus particularly on the strategic areas we have chosen:

  • management and change
  • energy and sustainable development
  • finance and economic decision-making

In its focus areas, the University conducts impactful research of a high international standard and educates competitive experts in various fields.

The University's profile combines high-level expertise in the fields of business, humanities, social science, and technology. The multidisciplinary profile is reinforced by the University's focus areas, which are Management and change, Energy and sustainable development and Finance and economic decision-making.

Focus areas of the University of Vaasa's are unified by the concept of value and new ways to create value in relation to business, sustainable development and well-being. The University operates in active and responsible interaction with society globally, nationally and locally.

The strength of our university is the community spirit, which promotes multidisciplinary studies and research. The campus is located on the western coast of Finland, and offers a modern study environment for 5000 students on the shore of the beautiful archipelago.

The Graduate School of the University of Vaasa organises general and introductory courses for all doctoral students. Studies consist of general studies and methods, major subject studies, optional studies and a docotoral thesis. Graduate School ensures that all doctoral students have the opportunity to pursue high-quality doctoral studies.

The doctoral programmes and research groups prepare students for high-level independent research work. Our nationally and internationally networked research groups conduct research projects and provide personal supervision for doctoral students who are expected to graduate in four years.

The Graduate School operates three doctoral programmes: Business Studies, Social Sciences and Technical Sciences.

The head of the Graduate School is Professor, Vice-rector Annukka Jokipii.