Collaborates with local energy ecosystem

Engages and connects stakeholders, and enforces networks and cooperation in relevant fields in Vaasa, Finland and  the EU area 

Facilitates, coordinates and manages internal and external multidisciplinary R&D innovation projects

Research is what ultimately changes things, it gives us data to base our decisions on.

We need to focus on overall system level solutions rather than juxtapose alternative technologies. Our research projects cross over all the different schools of our university. Our laboratories furthers the knowledge on energy transition and sustainable development. We are situated in the hart of the Nordic Energy cluster combining our local and international university, laboratory, living lab and company networks into impactful RDI-actions.

Suvi Karirinne
VEBIC director
Suvi Karirinne

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Increased machine performance using EDGE computing Fri, 02/05/2021 - 10:48
Collaboration and services
The project EDGE – Edge Analytics for Smart Diagnostics in Digital Machinery Concept – has performed research on how the performance of machines and industrial installation can be increased using edge computing.