Research Database SoleCRIS

In the university's research database SoleCRIS, you can find all the researchers, teachers and other experts of the University of Vaasa as well as their publications (books, articles and theses).

The system contains information on the university’s experts and units as well as information about the personnel’s scientific publications and expert tasks and conferences arranged by the university.

Instructions for Finding Information

In the database, you can effortlessly search for the publications or the expert tasks of a particular person, school, unit or field of study.

The search is conducted through the search functions in the main menu. Start your search by selecting a suitable search function or type a search word into the field of the search form and/or select a limiting criteria e.g. in the scroll-down menu.

There are several search functions as the system contains information of very different types (experts, units, publication information, expert tasks, etc.). By using the search forms you can direct your search to the information which you wish to find. The system also functions with free search words, in which case the search is directed at all available information. In such instances the search result lists may become very lengthy.

In the Search Services menu there is a search form for every group/theme:

  • Publications: the search can be done based on the year of publication and the unit or based on the type of publication
  • Experts: the search is done based on a unit or a title, in the form “First name Surname”
  • Expert tasks: the search is done on the basis of task type or author
  • University units
  • Conferences: the search is done among other factors by year

The university’s experts have presentation pages (their own expert web pages) on which you can find their areas of expertise, their contact information and among other facts, information on publications and expert tasks.

Tips and Things to Note

If you leave all the fields of the form blank and press “Execute search” all information becomes visible.

The system cuts the search words automatically; there is no need for a separate character to indicate this. Type the search words in a way which observes possible inflections of the word.
If a search word gives few hits, it is worth trying to search for a publication which directs the search at the title of the publication as well.

If the experts cannot be found by searching for experts or their names are not visible as a link in the publication information, this may be due to them no longer being in the service of the University of Vaasa or them having declined the visibility of their expert information.


Virpi Juppo
Vice-director, Research Services and Graduate School, tel. 029 449 8111

Anne Yli-Hallila
Assistant, Research Services and Graduate School, tel. 029 449 8082